Cloud solutions

Cloud solutions

Working in the cloud offers many advantages such as: flexibility, scalability, availability and reliability. For many organizations, their ideal cloud consists of a combination of solutions and often, local components. Vincere looks forward to working with you to find the ideal solution for your organization. Tailored to your needs and preconditions. With your wishes and our knowledge and experience you can make targeted choices. So that your users can function optimally.

Online workspace

With an online workplace employees or pupils/students can work anywhere: at the office/school, on location or at home. Users work securely with each device via the Internet with their familiar working environment, applications and their own data. Ensuring continuity and secure data storage is an important focus of the cloud. That’s why your cloud at the Vincere:

  • Is always hosted in Dutch data centres
  • Is scalable from 1 to a 1.000 users
  • Has low costs of ownership
  • Has an uptime of 99,98%

Of course, not everything needs to be in the cloud. For example, you can also opt for a hybrid solution with local servers.

Online backup

The cloud is also very suitable to ensure that your data is always 100% safe and double stored as online backup. In the event of a calamity, data is quickly restored and you are immediately back online. Vincere works with highly efficient systems that store files and databases in a smart way. As a result, less server capacity is required (lower costs) and you will not be bothered if backups are made. These are the benefits:

  • Unlimited data saving for all files and data
  • One-time backup, then only changes (no double storage)
  • Very secure data centers, connected to Amsterdam Internet Exchange
  • Files are securely encrypted
  • Always control your backups
  • You pay a fixed monthly rate per gigabyte


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