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Communications create possibilities

The way people work changes continuously and at lightning speed. New technologies make organizations more efficient, more productive and enables people to work together better. An important step is the integration of communication tools into one total solution. In other words, Unified Communications: streamlining and optimally making all communication and productivity technologies work together.

Connections: The brick and mortar

Fast and reliable connections are an important condition. There is a wide choice of types of connections ‘up to the front door’. Fiberglass is unfortunately not available everywhere. Our specialists know the possibilities and alternatives for the needs in your organization. Of course, your connections also need to be in place internally, with a stable WiFi network or a wired infrastructure. A combination of both is also possible. With a site survey, our specialists map out your location, the desired functionalities, the existing infrastructure and the required hardware. This is tested against your requirements. Then a proposal, budget and schedule can be determined.

Data centres

Vincere only works with highly secure data centres. In addition to renowned data centres throughout the country, the Vincere also has its own data centre. The seven data centres that we use are connected to each other via our own network. In this way we can offer all kinds of services over this network. Safe and fast.

More telephony for less

Almost everything is possible nowadays via the internet. Even calling and that creates interesting possibilities. For example, saving costs, improving accessibility and linking telephony to applications like e-mail or, for example, your CRM. The official name for this is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Our VoIP specialists are happy to tell you about the possibilities for your organization. These are a select few:

  • Save 70% on telephony costs
  • Calling and forwarding is free within the company
  • Always accessible: landline or mobile makes no difference
  • Easy configuration a PBX

Video Conferencing

Everyone at one location? Video conferencing offers a solution and is often very efficient. The Vincere offers different solutions. Including Skype for Business from Microsoft and a user-friendly video conferencing service (HD quality) via the internet. Up to 100 people can participate simultaneously with their own device. From smartphone, PC, laptop, iPad or home system. This solution can be fully adapted to your own style.

You can also contact the Vincere for the required hardware or training.


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