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Protect your network, data and users

The protection of your network and data against hackers, viruses and other threats must in our view be developed integrally to be effective and efficient. In addition to IT and Security specialists, the Vincere therefore has experts in the field of information security and privacy. Together they look at a complete approach for the protection of your organization. You can come to us for a complete solution package: from a managed firewall to security training.

Network security

Infrastructure for IT and Communication is becoming increasingly important, larger, and more complex. So security is too. But how secure are your organizations data and network? A network security scan provides clarity. Vulnerabilities can then be resolved. An important point of attention is the increasing mobility of employees who have access to applications and organization data. This requires new safety measures.

Analysis and threats

With a risk analysis a good foundation can be created for an integral safety policy. Our specialists know your industry, the risks and specific laws and regulations. With that they look at the processes in your organization and the risks. Often a penetration test is performed to map out vulnerabilities. After such a test you will receive a report with recommendations. It is also possible to temporarily hire a security specialist.

Proactively monitoring

By monitoring systems and data in your organization many safety risks can be resolved proactively. Even before your network is exposed to actual danger. This is often a very efficient method for keeping threats out. Good analysis of Security Information & Event Monitoring (SIEM) can already identify hazards before antivirus and other detection systems recognize them.

Protection of users

A chain is as strong as the weakest link. This is often the user. That is why the device of users must also be well protected. Whether it’s a PC, laptop, smartphone, tablet or POS system. These endpoints are often the main target of hackers. The Vincere offers various services for endpoint security, such as managed antivirus, web protection and online back-up services.

Awareness of users is crucial for the protection of your network and data. If employees do not know safety protocol, things can go wrong. Security training courses increase the awareness of employees. Our specialists use their knowledge, experience and explain the dangers in your industry. Training can be supported with different tools. Mystery guests, e-learning, presentations or posters can be used.


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